Art Director | Designer

My success as a design professional is driven by my deep appreciation of good design and the design process, and by creating relationships that foster collaboration, exploration, and ultimately refinement. I am adept working with small companies, non-profit causes, and enterprises.

I prefer to work with collaborators or partners. Working together to understand the problems and to challenge existing assumptions creates a dialog and openess to see anew, which then allows designs to be edited and transformed into simple ideas for people to understand and interact with.

Ideas that inspire me every day:

Interests: Graphic Design, Typography, Art, Design Systems, Grids, Consumer Product Design, Adaptive Interfaces, Legacy Product Deisgn, User Experience Design, Living Well, Soulfulness

Specialities: Visual Design, Art Direction, Creative Team Leadership, Strategic Planning, Design Thinking, Collaboration, Asking Why

Past Engagements Include